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Computer Systems Published

Our first Computer Science multi-touch book is now available to download for free on the iBooks Store.

Designed for Year 9 students, we explore the different parts that make up a computer system, and how they all work together to allow you to do anything from write a novel, analyse the human genome and allow you to watch hours of cat videos on YouTube…

Download Computer Systems for free

Discovering Biology Published & Vectors in iBooks Author

The Bedford Girls’ School Year 6 Biology revision guide has been published to the iTunes Bookstore. It has been renamed ‘Discovering Biology’ and covers cells, microscopes, senses, skeleton, muscles and microbes suitable for keystage 2 or 3 learners.

Download Discovering Biology for free on the iTunes Bookstore.

Under the bonnet, the book demonstrates the turning point in my workflow from constructing diagrams using Adobe Photoshop to using iBook Author’s vector tools.

Whereas the interactive diagrams require a raster image (the microscope was illustrated in Photoshop for example), I now construct the illustrations embedded into the pages without augmentation entirely with vectors within iBooks Author. (Muscles illustration is entirely drawn with vectors within iBA.)

The software doesn’t currently support importing SVG etc, but I was pleased how easy it was to draw. The only drawback is that it can crash out, so I’m conscious to save very regularly. Hopefully an update will resolve the stability (I feel I’ve submitted more than enough reports!)

GCSE Computer Science Quizlets

It’s very quiet at school. As a full-time member of support staff, I’m working through the summer while the students and the majority of staff are on holiday.

Between creating books (and catching Pokemon on my lunchtime walks) I’ve created a class full of GCSE Computer Science definitions on Quizlet for James Potter (Director of ICT).

BGS begin their first year of Computer Science GCSE in September, which is excellent news. It’s been really interesting to see the curriculum while creating these sets. I’m glad ‘proper’ computing has returned.