What’s My Job Post-its

Creative commons image by Dean Hochman on Flickr

Creative commons image by Dean Hochman on Flickr

As part of the Team Player badge, Guides need to play games that use a variety of questions and communication styles. We created a list of occupations that might be perceived as stereotypically male, wrote them onto post-it notes and gently applied them to the Guides on their foreheads.

They asked each other in pairs (or a 3 as we had an odd number) about what was stuck to their heads. We didn’t tell them they were jobs, or about the stereotype, but looking around they figured things out.

Many of the older guides had the challenge done quite quickly, but we discovered 10 year olds don’t often know what a sports commentator or a politician does to be able to ask yes/no questions or articulate back to their partner if it is correct or not.

Pleasingly the guides did not think any of the jobs were ‘only for men’…!

This is the list we used:

1. Pilot
2. Comedian
3. Software Engineer
4. Racing Driver
5. Chef
6. Police Officer
7. Farmer
8. Firefighter
9. Doctor
10. Sports Commentator
11. Builder
12. Politician
13. Headteacher
14. Interpreter
15. Mechanic
16. Accountant
17. Dentist
18. Website Developer
19. Journalist
20. Paramedic

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