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Creative Commons image by drurydrama on Flickr

Creative Commons image by drurydrama on Flickr

As part of the team player badge, and perhaps even the communicator badge, Guides explore games that use a variety of communication skills. These mime cards are also just great for an ice breaker or a quick fire team game.

There are 54 items and activities in this PDF file ranging from skiing to a packed lunch. Challenge your guides to mime these without a sound, or your Brownies to mime it with some sound effects.

Mix it up, make this pictionary, or challenge your players to verbally describe each with as few words a possible. Make it a team mime affair, a freeze frame of a situation.

We printed 2 copies and split the unit in half. Each of the cards were cut out and then scattered face down at one end of the hall. One guide from each team ran up, turned over a card and then mimed to her team. As soon as it was guessed, another guide ran up. Although there were 54, the guides kept going all the way to the end, though we were prepared to set a time limit to make sure interest didn’t wane.

By having them scattered and selected in a random order, the teams had equal chance to overhear what the other team were miming to give them a clue, though you could consider running it with the teams back to back at 2 end of a hall, or even giving the teams a whiteboard or paper and pen to write down their guesses if you were having a completely silent evening.

Guide Kit’s Mime Cards PDF

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