English & American Word Match

The Patriotism of Girl Scouts by Thomas Hawk

The Patriotism of Girl Scouts by Thomas Hawk (CC, Flickr)

We celebrated the 4th July recently, and had an American themed evening complete with peanut butter, oreos, orange juice, coca cola and popcorn.

A team activity included making pompoms for cheerleading out of plastic bags. Instructions are all over the internet in all various guises and difficulties, though I would recommend very sharp scissors as standard children’s craft scissors won’t cut it (pun intended).

One of the most intriguing items was a British and American word match, where pairs of words were matched up. It is surprising how many words differ.

Download UK & America word match sheets

Print one or a couple depending on your unit and the attention span. Challenge the first group to 10, or 20, then as soon as that is reached, the group to match the most. You will need to slice them up into individual words, though the flags beside help to indicate which side of the pond they belong.

You could diversify to relays, or give each group a set of words to begin with (though some are easy and others are harder). You could read the American and have them call out which word they believe to be correct, or just use it as a reference sheet to adapt to your own game.

Trickiest British words for 10-13 year old guides: aubergine (egg plant), courgette (zucchini), bum bag (fanny pack).

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