9 Types of Fire

9 Types of Fire, Black and White

9 Types of Fire illustrated by hand, K.Davies 2009, black and white to colour in

Use the above version if you want your group to engage in a little colouring, or if you do not have access to a colour printer. Works well for photocopies too.

9 Types of Fire - Partial Colour

9 Types of Fire K.Davies 2009 - Partial Colour

If you don’t want to go the full colour version, here is a partial version with just the fire and logs coloured.

9 Types of Fire - Full Colour

9 Types of Fire K.Davies 2009 - Full Colour

Here is the final, full colour version. Would go well laminated as part of a camp training pack.

The fires are good for badges such as Survival, Active Response, Camper, Camper Advanced. Slice up a photocopy and remove the labels beside to use as a ‘fetch me’ game. Call out the name of the fire, and Guides must hold up or bring the correct illustration to score points. Read the reasoning behind the way the fire is built after. However, nothing does beat actually creating the fires, though I’ve only ever used a handful of the 9 myself, you could be adventurous.

An essential piece of training to have whenever talking or learning about fires is the treatment of burns, and fire precautions. These should go hand in hand with any fire training so that they are well learnt, and instinctive should an emergency arise for the Guides.

I decided to draw a set of fires based off smaller illustrations I found around the web, because I could not find any larger sized illustrations for a game.

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