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Biggleswade Chronicle Articles

From November 2011 to May 2012 I wrote a series of mini articles as the Harmony copywriter for the Biggleswade Chronicle with advice and discussion about all things web. These were republished on Harmony’s press page and are summarised below:

November: Unravelling the mystery of SEO

It was once consumer habit to leaf through the pages to find a business or service, it is now second nature to use a preferred search engine – the most dominant being Google.

December: Reveal More with Your Mobile

With over 5 billion mobile phone connections worldwide, it is little surprise that our pockets and handbags are filled with little chirruping companions.

January: How to Find Your Perfect Web Business Partners

Whether you feel it’s time for a change or about to select your first partner in business, the route to selecting an agency is important.

February: Reality Checking: How to mix your Worlds

Techies once came to use with “Virtual Worlds” – digital places we could explore and interact with via a mouse and keyboard. But that was so yesterday – the latest development is the merging of virtual and real worlds called “Augmented Reality”.

March: Moneysaving Web Tips 

Cutting queues, avoiding call centres and getting things done at any time of the day are great bonuses to being online, but there are great financial benefits too.

April: Tickle Your Creativity 

Without ideas and creativity, we lose the ability to solve, evolve and inspire. Here our suggestions for a creative break for all ages!

May: Is Your Business Mobile? 

Almost half of UK Internet users go online via their mobile phone (ONS 2011), but is your business offering an embarrassing service to them?

UK Smartphone Usage in 2011

UK Smartphone Usage 2011


While studying mobile trends to better understand the market for the benefit of – a joint partnership with and Snow Chicken, I compiled a number of statistics about UK smartphone usage for 2011. With a spare moment I decided to turn this information into an easily-digested infographic. Infographics not only break up data into a visual format (which improves the retention) but adds a bit of colour and diversity to a blog which had mostly focused on text-based entries until then.

The information listed is from Ofcom, 2011.

Project Manager @ Harmony Internet

I have worked for Bedfordshire web design company Harmony Internet, first as a trainee web developer and then as a project manager since September 2008.

I am fortunate to have worked with nearly all the clients in the company portfolio, providing support, updates, copywriting, organic search engine optimisation support, email marketing, template building, testing, researching, analysing, quotes, and simpler development tasks.

My role is very broad, as I am neither design nor development specialist, which means I have niche knowledge and fulfil and eclectic and unusual set of requirements between different projects!

Much more information about my employer can be found on our Clever Web People website.

Part of my role is to undertake copywriting requests from clients and internally for our company.

Examples of articles I have written as part of my job include:

For ReallyAppy

For Mobility Pitstop

For F C Dawes & Son

For our company website