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One thing I love about working in web design is the community. From colleagues, to fellow university graduates setting up their own businesses, to contacts from conferences, other companies collaborated with, and chance meetings. Everyone I’m in touch with I admire for their individual talents and achievements within the community, and I’d like to keep this post updated with people I meet and admire, and hope to work with, if I haven’t had the fortune of doing so already.

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DigiPest – Chris Fairey

Chris describes his company:

We specialise in network and website testing for small businesses, we can also provide training if required.

DigiPest – security specialists is run by Chris who as well as reading the same degree from the University of Hull (2008) also went on to complete the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker qualification. I would recommend Chris to you for any security concerns regarding websites and networks, even if you think you may be safe as houses, he would be able to tell you.

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ArtDeal Designs – Artiatesia

Artiatesia describes herself as:

I’m the Founder and Creative Principal at ArtDeal Designs, a boutique design studio assisting Solopreneurs and Small Businesses with their web & graphic needs.

ArtDeal Designs – US small business design studio is run by Artiatesia who not only has a passion for blogging and all things tech, but creates designs for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With strengths in social media (Facebook, Twitter) design as well as traditional website, blog and print design, ArtDeal is an ideal contact for any freelancer or small business.

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DooBurt – Chris Laythorpe

DooBurt is a web developer, project manager and designer and a former colleague at Harmony Internet. With interests and surprising catacombs of knowledge in a number of obscure subjects including aircraft, air disasters (and building them out of LEGO), and World of Warcraft (I didn’t necessarily mean healthy interests). Chris was also part of the Audiostylists, and a DJ, and is still in his twenties, honest.

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Pete Hindle

Pete describes himself as:

I’m just some guy with a site who posts things

Pete Hindle is a creative soul from Biggleswade who blogs and tweets thoughts, writing, photography and insights from the creative community with good humour about Bedfordshire and its quirks. Pete is also an illustrator, juggler, and reads mountains of books.

@petehindle |


Creatingle – Sarah Francis

Sarah describes her company:

Imaginative, professional design and creative digital art (with a twist of quirkiness)

Creatingle – simple, beautiful design is Sarah’s freelance website, where she has great talents in print design, while also designing for web and more diverse outlets, including bar designs for big UK music festivals. Sarah is a very thoughtful, intelligent designer who I would recommend without hesitation.

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Albofish – Alex Hollyman

Albofish – musings of a clever web developer is Alex’s personal website, where he posts articles and advice from a developer perspective. He is a Harmony Internet’s senior developer, and my colleague. As well as turning his hand to classic ASP and PHP, Alex has a keen interest in jQuery, CSS and HTML and is a fantastic and creative problem solver.

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Diggersworld – Thomas Digby

Tom describes himself as:

I’m a web developer for Blitz Games Studios and have recently moved onto – the one stop shop for all things indie games.

Tom is a gifted artist, designer and developer. A Flash wizard, he’s also pretty nifty at the guitar too, and is far too humble to agree with me on that. Blitz Games Studios is on the top five independent European developers of video games with titles on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and PC platforms.

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Smartdog Digital – Illiya Vejestica

Illiya describes his own company as:

Smartdog digital is a specialist online marketing consultancy & training company helping business to measure their ROI online.

Illiya set up his own business, Smartdog and is a PPC and search engine guru, speaking at events, conferences and keeping up with a wide range of contacts. He blogs, tweets and is always right at the leading edge of what’s going on in the business. Illiya is the first person I look to for advice in online marketing as an expert, and he can provide insight and analysis to save hundreds of pounds from a marketing campaign.

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BearOnFire – Sarah Carney

Sarah describes her freelance business as:

BearOnFire is a home for custom illustration and graphic design. Roarin’ good!

Sarah is a designer, illustrator and creative writer living in central Iowa. With a passion for dancing, Sarah juggles creativity in multiple forms along with managing a busy online forum and blogging about it all. Proud creator of a featured deviation on Deviantart, Sarah has been recognised for her contribution to the community and has many happy clients who have commissioned her individual talents.

LinkedIn | @sarahsellaphix | | Thrive Art Blog


kNOELedge – Noel Gray

Noel describes his freelance business as:

Creative solutions to everyday challenges

Many of us have too much to read, reports, blog post, emails and probably many more. Keeping up can be a nightmare. I help you by showing you how to read faster and more efficiently. And yes, you read every word.

Perhaps you have problems at work that just don’t seem to go away, they pop up again not matter what you try. Costing you time and money and leading to frustration. I use creative thinking to identify the underlying issues and then give you a new perspective to overcome them.

Noel is a clever soul with a passion for problem solving! Not afraid to grace boardrooms and corporate environments, Noel brings his great experience and brings down barriers to progress. A great thinker, academic and listener, Noel’s services have been sought by GlaxoSmithKline and The Chartered Management Institute amongst other high profile names.

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