Sony Ericsson C902

I’ve made a new phone purchase, defecting from Nokias (I did have the 6230i, with the 1.3mp camera) to the C902, which is a Sony Ericsson. It had great reviews, and also has a 5mp camera, which was the sort of level I was looking for in a pay as you go phone, since I’m not the sort to use my mobile extensively, it was not cost efficient for me to pay out a contract for the sake of a phone for ‘free’.

Anyhow, its working out ok, even if the old Nokia sits weeping after 4 solid years of sterling work for me. Only its camera is becoming silly, and its started turning itself off while I’m browsing the web, and if I leave it on at work on silent, I have almost a flat battery by the end of the day because of the poor signal out there. Yes, I really do work in the middle of nowhere – we call our internet line the “Global Footpath”.

The camera’s great, and not slow, and I love the fact you can copy, paste, switch between applications and such. The lens keeps clean as it slides out when you need it and tucks away otherwise. Its lovely and slim too. The Internet is different in that I have a mouse! I used to just be able to hop between links, text boxes and buttons by scrolling on the Nokia.

Photos CC from Irish Eyes/Irish Typepad on Flickr.