Printed Music

Sticking with the bizarre, which has been a theme for Katigori thus far, I was mulling over the thoughts of the unusual sounds printers make while they print. Their rhythmical printing, from the screech of a dot matrix printer (I remember the tractor paper of my Brother printer attached to my Archimedes fondly) to the modern day inkjet and laser.

Clearly a strange child, I would hum along to the likes of this, and the modem sound, when I wasn’t singing the harmonics of the washing machine spin cycle. However, it appears I was not alone. Younnat presents the Dot Matrix Printer Etude for your delectation.

It appears that experimental musician, Sue Harding took it a step further with her dot matrix printers, and made them into an orchestra. It is a “mixture of good luck and control”, she says, more or less, on the video below, which is an excerpt of the first of six episodes of the television documentary Subsonics.

(I wonder if the expressions of the faces of the audience is that of willing to understand, or pain from their ears?)

But if we’re going to be truly retro, and this was almost too amusing, the floppy disk drive is king. It was a natural musician while the floppy was an integral part of a system. So if you’ve wondered what to do with that spare drive and 1.4mb floppy disks you may still have, the answer is here.

If you find anything to better these, do share the link in the comments, to spread the geeky joy.

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