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The blog has the tag line “Music and web geekery from East London.” which sets the tone for this katigori entry. With the wonders of scrobbling your listening information to the system from all multitude of media players, it appears that a few unusual listening statistics will fall through.

Erik Frey posted to last September on such “Edge Cases” which are anomalous tracks that confuse the fingerprinting system. The unusual link to “Burglar Alarm” drew my attention, and to quench my curiosity, I had to click. Yes, you can indeed listen to half a minute or so of burglar alarm sound, which one shoutbox commenter suggests is a good way to end a party. I guess, if you want your guests to leave in panic and a headache, then fair enough.

However, burglar alarm isn’t the only ‘non musical’ entry into the statistics, and a few clicks through the similar artists reveals more and more of the sound effect recordings that have been uploaded. Just when I thought this was as odd as I wanted, I stumbled across the related videos and had a look at this video:

There’s been many a youtube video of teens playing out the Nintendo or Mario themes, and even Nokia themselves have taken their iconic catch from the crude electronic tones of mobile phones of Y2K onwards, and I admit I couldn’t identify many of the other melodies. But what really took the electronic cookie, was the careful and obsessive pitching of this video:

But, like the Internet always is, the madness and sheer geeky outcomes rarely stop when you think it just can’t go on. No, of course, it had to be taken one step further, and present to you a windows XP song:

Even the mac doesn’t escape…

If you feel entirely geeky, browse the many other remixes, and comment with your favourites. I’m sure there must be more – its the Internet – what you think isn’t possible, usually is.

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